Quilt with embroidery     71 x 85 in     2012     Donated to The Kinsey Institute

Prophets — Check out this PDF To learn more about each individual.

To learn more about hate based groups across the USA, check out SPLC.

I’m very intrigued by the domestic roots of quilting and embroidery, and it’s deep history in my own family as well as many others. When my grandmother taught me to quilt in 2010, while she was losing her vision, I knew how important it was for me to learn her passed down trade while she could still show me.

The act of teaching and learning passed down history is how we keep memories, ideas and these trades alive, and just like the act of handing down these techniques and the quilts themselves through family members, families can also pass down prejudice and ideas of hate.

I use this soft quilt form to make harsh commentary, and to reinforce the fact that smaller, ‘softer’ forms of prejudice are what lay the groundwork for extreme intolerance and hate.

This quilt, Prophets, compares current American political, popular and religious figures to Adolf Hitler. I am hoping my audience will question who they vote for, celebrities they admire and the sermons they listen to.