Child Protest Poster     Silkscreen flat with letterpress type     8.5 x 11 in     2013

Protest Posters (#2)     Silkscreen     17 x 23 in     2013

protest posters

TRY     Lino cut, silkscreen, and glow in the dark     12 x 15 in     2013

Clear, gloss varnish text reads: TO NOT OPPOSE BIGOTRY IT TO ENDORSE IT

Pussies for Peace     Silkscreen and embroidered catnip toys     each 4 x 4 x 1 in     2013

Prophets     Quilt with embroidery     71 x 85 in     2012     Donated to The Kinsey Institute

Prophets — Check out this PDF To learn more about each individual.

To learn more about hate based groups across the USA, check out SPLC.


I’m very intrigued by the domestic roots of quilting and embroidery, and it’s deep history in my own family as well as many others. When my grandmother taught me to quilt in 2010, while she was losing her vision. It was important for me to learn her passed down trade while she could still show me.

The act of teaching and learning passed down history is how we keep memories, ideas, and these trades alive. Just like the act of handing down these techniques and the quilts themselves through family members, families can also pass down prejudice and ideas of hate.

I use this soft quilt form to make harsh commentary, and to reinforce the fact that smaller, ‘softer’ forms of prejudice are what lay the groundwork for extreme intolerance and hate.

This quilt, Prophets, compares current American political, popular and religious figures to Adolf Hitler. I am hoping my audience will question who they vote for, celebrities they admire, and the sermons they listen to.

Quilts     2012

In Thy Name     Woodblock, silkscreen, rope     48 x 48 in     2012

I made this hybrid American flag/swastika to talk about the possible direction and future of our country. The American flag has been a symbol of liberty, justice and pride for centuries. For some people, like myself, the flag has lost its honor. As a child, I was a firm believer in what our flag stood for, but as I grow and witness what extremists in power do in its name, I am saddened. I believe we need to remember what we stand for, and not allow our symbol of justice and liberty to become full of fear and hate.

In Thy Name Variations     2012

Phelps Poster Series     Silkscreen     20 x 26 in, 20 x 20 in     2011

All Protest Posters are two prints back to back against cardboard, and wrapped in clear packing tape.

God Hates Fags     Photo lithography and silkscreen     23 x 17 in     2012

The Christian Values Network (CVN) is an online shopping service that raises money for a variety of religious groups from products and services purchased through the site. Over 600 businesses are listed on the website including many popular chains. Some of the groups that receive money from the CVN are Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Summit Ministries, Abiding Truth Ministries and the Liberty Counsel. Each of these groups has been identified as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Trans Walkway     Photos, wood, silkscreen, and shellac     6 1/4 x 3 1/4 ft     2009

Transgender Walkway is a memorial to my murdered transgender ancestors. This piece depicts the entire list of 249 (reported) victims of transphobia in the United States from the late 1970’s to 2008. I ask my viewers to walk upon my work as a reminder of the respect given to my transgender ancestors in life and in death, and to acknowledge that in a way we are all implicated in perpetuating inequity where it still persists.

Reported deaths in the US since the creation of this piece:

Taysia Elzy, Michael Hunt, Caprice Curry, Jimmy McCollough, Foxy Ivy, Kelly (Frederick) Watson, Terri Benally, Cesar Torres, Beyonce (Eric) Lee, Tylia Mack, Paulina Ibarra, Dee Green, Mariah Malina Qualls, Myra Chanel Lcal, Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, Toni Alston, Chanel (Dana A. Larkin), Sandy Woulard, Roy Antonio Jones lll, Gypsy, Victoria Carmen White, Stacey Lee aka Stacey Blahnik, Krissy Bates, Tyra Trent, Marcal Camero Tye, Miss Nate Name (or Née), Lashai Mclean, Camila Guzman, Gaurav Gopalan, Shelley Hillard, Cassidy Nathan Vickers, Brenting Dolliole, Erica Kernandez, Githe Goines, Crain Conaway, Deoni Jones,  Rosita Hildalgo, Coko Williams, Tyrell Jackson, Paige Clay, Brandy Martell, Lorena Escalera, Tracey Johnson, Tiffany Gooden, Deja Jones, Kendall Hampton, Kyra (Kruz) Cordova, Rene (Rosita) Hidalgo Hernandez, Ashley Sinclair, Kelly Young, Domonique Newburn, Islan Nettles, Cemia “CeCe” Dove, Eyricka Morgan, Evon Young, Artegus Konyale Madden, Unidentified woman, Diamond Williams, Terry Golston, Jock Maurice McKinney (Valerie), Fatima Woods, Melony Smith, Unidentified woman, Amari White, Mia Henderson, Kandy Hall, Tiffany Edwards, Zoraida Reyes, Yaz’min Shancez, Betty Skinner, Nicole Kidd-Stergis, Alejandra Leos

Trans Terror Alert     Mixed media     66 x 48 in     2009

The three smaller maps below (nondiscrimination laws, hate crime laws and reported murders) outline why the map is colored as such. Red for dangerous to green for safe.

2014 Updated Map

One of One Hundred Thousand     Gocco print     6 x 4 in     2007