Disguise      Glow-in-the-dark silkscreen     7.5 x 11 in     2013

I’m A Real Boy (#2)     Letterpress and silkscreen     18 x 12 in     2013

100 days (Personal Gender Percentage)     Paper     Each 3 x 5 in     2011

I tried to calculate my gender in 100 days by creating a checklist of my actions and behaviors that I interpret to be masculine or feminine.

The desire to complete this project emerged from years of hyper awareness surrounding the way I present my masculinity and femininity. It allowed myself to keep track of my performance and to see what my gender really looks like to myself, and possibly to others.

I was not too surprised by the results: 37 masculine days, 36 neutral days, 27 feminine days.

Right of Package     Blind embossment     11 x 11 in     2010

Baby Dress 
    Reductive woodcut     23 x 17 in     2009

Undergraduate Work

I’m Staying in Maine     Reductive woodcut     20 x 28 in     2008

Gender Cards (appropriated text from Adrian Piper, My Calling Card #2)     Digital print     3.5 x 2 in     2008

Ideal Hair     Silkscreen with flocked hair     11 x 11 in     2008

Male and Female Binders (double sided)     Silkscreen     11 x 15 in     2008

sHE Wall     Silkscreen     60 x 54 in     2008

Take Your S’s Back (Cut S’s from sHE Wall)